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Why hire us?


A Very Private Eye has been in business since 1996 and has over 75 years of experience in the industry. Although financial records checks have evolved, they are nothing new to us. We're available to you 24/7 and confident in our ability to assist!


Probably the most common reason for requesting banking research is because you have won a civil judgment.  Maybe you haven’t been able to find and/or collect assets yet.  If you have a judgment in hand, contact us so we can find where the money is!


Are  you in the middle of litigation surrounding a divorce or child support?  As PIs, we are often retained to identify employment, but that can be expensive.  What if you could ascertain a bank or portfolio account quicker and cheaper?  That way, you can show the judge that the ‘dead-beat dad’ or ‘soon-to-be-ex-‘ spouse really does have money and compel him/her to pay you in line with an existing or modified court order.  Don’t allow the subject to get off easy and not have them pay the amount they rightfully should!


Perhaps you are self employed or a business owner who has been stiffed by a vendor or client.  If you do an asset check, you will know whether or not it’s advisable to proceed with litigation.  Why sue, and incur court filing costs up front, if the other party does not have the capacity to pay?


It would behoove you to, prior to establishing a serious relationship, to check for assets and liabilities.   What if a partner has bankruptcy filings, liens and judgments?  Do you want to absorb this accountability?  Keep in mind, oftentimes, financial liability following a marriage or long-term domestic partnership is deemed to be held ‘jointly and severally.’  This means you could be responsible for the entirety of your mate’s debts, should the creditors not be able to collect from the other party.


If you find yourself breaking up and heading to, or in, court, you will need to conclusively know the financial status of your soon-to-be-ex.  Let’s say you failed to background check your betrothed before the wedding.  It will be imperative now to not rely on a financial affidavit provided by the other party’s attorney.  As PIs, we’ve seen plenty of sworn statements provided in divorce cases which omitted key asset information.  Had the new financial data not been introduced as evidence, our clients would have been stuck with inequitable settlements or awards, potentially for the rest of their lives.


Are you a former employee who hasn’t gotten your last paycheck and the company has ignored your pleas?  A business asset check is definitely in order!  If you can find out how much money is in their bank and, if they use another institution, you will have a leg up on collecting!


Maybe you are looking to merge your business or be bought out or even doing a start-up, you will want to know the financial capabilities of investors and/or suppliers.  This is an important part of the process called ‘due diligence.’  We can check subjects' assets and liabilities regardless of where you or they reside or hold office within the United States.


Are you a business owner caught up in a commercial dispute?  Is it really worthwhile to invest your valuable time and money into an effort if the other party is going to hide assets?  If you are decided to do so, you need accurate and timely data to proceed with your litigation.


Notes: Successful location is directly related to the accuracy of information used to conduct the search. Other accounts may be held by the subject under different information than used to conduct this search, such as FEINs, company names, co-signers, and different addresses.


The information provided in these reports is intended for investigative use only and complies with all Federal US and Canadian laws. If a regional search was ordered, it may not show all of subject's records that were opened outside of searched area including online.


The searches are conducted using several methods of legal asset location which may include public records, creditor information, insurance records, UCC filings, trash inspections, surveillance, database, vendor records and payments, public records, third party information, applications and foreign sources. A diligent search will conducted for any cash records matching the provided information of the subject.


Research sometimes indicates that the subject may be banking under or is a signatory on business bank accounts. If a personal search is conducted, further research may be needed to identify businesses in order to obtain account information. Please ask about our Corporate Affiliations search if you would like us to research details in order to complete a business bank search.


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