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Bank Account Search

How to Find a Bank Account?


This is the form of research that most people, even attorneys, are unaware exists or is legal.  Your investment is with the intent to find out the following about all the subjectís bank accounts.  A bank account search can be conducted on a state or nationwide basis. Here is what you can expect with a comprehensive bank account search.


1- Bank name (such as Citigroup, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo)


2 - Branch location (such as 123 Central Street, Dallas TX 75201)


3 - Account balances (at the time of the research)*


You might have an idea to garnish a subjectís paycheck.  But, often times, employment information on a subject is difficult to establish.  The IRS is notoriously stingy about revealing this data.  Usually, a PI has to conduct a field surveillance to follow the subject to work in order to establish the source of a subjectís income.  You will be charged hourly for this service and it may still fail to produce results.  Bank garnishment, therefore, is an easier process to collect monies due.  This is especially appropriate if you are suing a current or former employer, since they will not likely have wages to garnish.


Learn more about how to find a bank account from our asset search specialists...


The types of accounts researched are:




Money market

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)



It does not matter in what state or if you desire a nationwide search put our 28 years of asset investigation experience and results to work for you. Hire a specialist, hire an asset search firm.


Should you have any questions about the process or fees, speak to an asset investigator directly at 888-344-2929. The consultation is free!

* In compliance with the Gramm Leach Bliley







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