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Attorney Services provides evidence to support your legal efforts.  If you are directing litigation, arbitration, mediation or settlement discussions, detailed financial information can often make or break a case.  While many categories of law can benefit from asset and liability data, the main areas concern Family law, Personal injury, and Commercial litigation. 


Family law:

Are you certain the other party in a dissolution of marriage (divorce) or legal separation is being truthful in their financial affidavit?  Be sure an equitable settlement is had by arming yourself with the complete picture of your adversary's finances.  Does your client have issues with collection of child support payments or is the other party seeking a modification of the child support schedule or amount?  Perhaps they have assets of which your client is not aware.


Personal injury:

The ideal time for running a defendant's financials is before filing suit.  This is especially true when you are taking a client on a contingency basis.


Commercial litigation:

In order the adequately represent your client in a commercial dispute or business acquisition, the details of financial assets and liabilities of persons and companies of interest can be critical.  Do your due diligence before advising clients to invest or partner with unknown entities and persons.  What if you found that the other party had recently declared bankruptcy?  What if the opposing side has made representations as to ownership of assets that could not be independently substantiated?


Our tangible asset / liability profile is your answer to the question "What fixed assets and liabilities does the other party have?"  This report reveals real property, corporations, vehicles and watercraft owned by the other party.  It will also tell you if the other party has declared bankruptcy or has existing liens or judgments - important to know if your client wants to get money out of them!


Our banking research discloses the financial institutions' name, branch location and balance.  Does the other party have an account about which you don't know?  Once we tell you where to look, you can subpoena the institution for transactional history and an updated balance.


Our brokerage research discloses the funds' name and balance.  Did the subject purchase a stock or mutual fund without you knowing about it?Our report will provide details of many types of portfolio accounts, such as 401ks, IRAs, bonds and other holdings.


Should you have any questions about the process, call an investigator directly 24/7 at 888-344-2929.  The consultation is free!




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