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This is another form of research, unknown to most folks.  Your investment is with the intent to find out the following about the portfolio accounts.  This is only conducted on a nationwide basis. 

If bank research fails to reveal assets, a brokerage account search and portfolio check may be in order.  In a divorce, the spouse is likely to know if the subject dabbles in the stock market or has a retirement account.  Typically, we can find brokerage accounts. This lends itself naturally to brokerage research, where the spouse can find out the true value of the subject’s holdings, especially in any unknown accounts. 

As PIs, we hear many horror stories about false representations made by significant others.  We end up expending a lot of effort – and client’s money – to find out the real deal.  The cheaper route is to engage our services on the front end of relationships instead of after children are born and mutual investments are made.  Finances are an important part of screening a potential partner or fiancé on their honesty prior to making a major commitment into the relationship.

The types of accounts researched are:

401K – tax deferred retirement accounts under Title 26 USC.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) - retirement accounts under Title 26 USC.

Mutual funds –professionally managed collective investment vehicles.

Stocks - Capital stock of businesses reflect funds paid into a company.

Bonds - debt security coupons where the issuer pays principal and interest at maturity.

In compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules, you will receive the following pieces of information:

Account name (such as Vanguard, TD Ameritrade, E-Trade or Lockheed Martin)

Address and phone number (such as 123 Main Street, New York, NY 10026)

Account balances (at the time of the research)

* You may get limited information on recently closed accounts, such as the account name and closure date.








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