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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this even legal?

A: Yes.  The research modus operandi (M.O.) conforms to the stipulations of the Gramm Leach Bliley (GLB) Act which governs the banking, securities and insurance industries.  It is because of this law that, while Bank name, Branch location and Account balances can be disclosed, Account numbers cannot be.  The latter can be compelled via subpoena, however.

Q: Why might I even need this kind of information?

A: There are a variety of reasons that an asset check will provide peace of mind.  Among them are:

You have a civil judgment and somebody owes you money. Perhaps the assets of the opposing party in a civil case, such as a divorce or commercial dispute, are not clear or are being hidden. 

You may be founding a business and want to ensure your investors or partners have the wherewithal and integrity to support your new enterprise.

You may be a business owner who is owed money by a vendor or former employee. Conversely, you might be an ex-employee who got stiffed on a last paycheck. 

What if you need to screen a significant other on their honesty before taking that next all important step in your relationship?

Q: Is “pretexting” used to develop information?

A: No it is not.  Legitimate methods are used to detect subject accounts.

Q: What information will be revealed?

A: For bank and portfolio assets, you will get the institution’s name, location and account balance.  For tangible assets, you will learn assets such as corporations, real property, vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft as well as liabilities including bankruptcies, tax liens and judgments.



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